Food For Your Mental Show Notes -- Fear -- Ep: 2020.06

 FFYM Episode - Fear

Intro >

  • Show - Welcome to Food For Your Mental -- the podcast that discusses anything and everything that feeds your mind. No topic is taboo and you will leave the podcast with some delicious brain food. 

  • I’m Sherry Richelle. I work as a voice talent at and I have a deep hunger for knowledge and learning.

  • Episode - This week, I’d like to talk to you about fear.

  • Interest - This word can rule our lives if we let it. I want to give you a bit of perspective into how you can regain your power over it.

  • Let’s have our first bite, eh?

Phase A > 

  • Have you ever heard that saying that Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real? Well this is true in some instances, but not all. Let me explain.

  • Emotional fear can turn into anxiety and overwhelm and can cause “analysis paralysis”. This prevents us from fully living and should be overcome! 

Phase B > 

  • In the past, fear was present to keep us safe from predators. But with modern amenities, it is rare that those same predators will cause us harm. Yet, the adrenaline surging, heart-pumping fear still exists in each of us. Some of us, every single day.

  • Valid fear should NOT be dissolved though, because it is still needed for things like traffic maneuvering, animal attacks, and instances of burglary, but these things do not happen every day. Practice becoming more observant. If you feel fear, pause. Feel out the situation. Learn to check in and ask yourself if you are in any true danger. If you need further help with these anxieties, feel free to reach out to me, and I will direct you where I can for guidance.

  • Fear also plays into our emotions. Many fear being open and honest with those in their lives out of fear of judgement or rejection. This is the most unfortunate aspect of fear, in my opinion. 

  • We need to practice, as a society, being more emotionally honest. Tell people what you feel and what you want. Do not let fear steal from your life experience! 

  • This is the one place where fear needs to be tempered fully in our society. There is far too much inaction and disconnection between humans because of it, and we are seriously missing out! 

Phase C >

  • Recognizing where fear holds us back requires practice. We need to go within and recognize the difference between traumatic or socially programmed fear, and our intuition.

  • Surrender to the intuition alone and follow it.

  • Doing so will open us up to deeper, and more solid connections with the others in our lives. It will also build confidence once we see how emotional honesty nurtures and provides amazing opportunities to us! 

  • Work hard to gain awareness of your true intuition, and banish the emotional fear that holds you back. Let’s work together to deepen the life fulfillment we need as human beings.

Outro >

  • Now let that digest a bit. 

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  • I want to thank you for listening! I’ll see you next time for another dish of Food For Your Mental.

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