Food For Your Mental Show Notes -- Moderation -- Ep: 2020.05

 FFYM Episode - Moderation

Intro >

  • Show - Welcome to Food For Your Mental -- the podcast that discusses anything and everything that feeds your mind. No topic is taboo and you will leave the podcast with some delicious brain food. 

  • I’m Sherry Richelle. I work as a voice talent at and I have a deep hunger for knowledge and learning.

  • Episode - This week, Moderation is on the menu.

  • Interest - All aspects of life need moderation.

  • Let’s have our first bite, eh?

Phase A > 

  • When you think of the word, moderation, what comes to mind? Drinking, Food, content control? These are topics where we most commonly hear the term, but moderation is applicable to literally everything in your life.

  • Are you an abstainer? One who sees in only black and white? Also known as the one who says “I have to cut it all out” - Just one turns into a spiral - All or nothing thinking

  • Well, you may want to reevaluate this stance.

Phase B > 

  • Many who think in this manner often end up in stagnancy. I’m sure you can recall a person you’ve encountered recently who is so far stuck in their views, they cannot fathom the other side.

  • Think about chores. Imagine a person who puts off every single task until Saturday. When Saturday arrives, this person is exhausted, and surrounded by chaos! Now they must give ALL they have left to clean it up. Afterwards, they are so done. What a waste! Now if that person used moderation with chores, maybe by doing one thing per day, Their energy would be more balanced by Saturday. One or two tasks, and they have a little bit of themselves left for a passion project, or to connect with their friends or partner. 

  • And in dieting! We all know about yo-yo diets, and we see those miserable people who cannot touch dessert. Imagine the ease and happiness of a person who says, “Yes, I will have a small portion of cake.” This person knows it’s not an all or nothing scenario.” Their health goals will not spiral because they choose to partake in a small treat.

  • **Note - Addiction aside, which should be treated by a professional, I highly recommend learning to live in a gray area.

  • We should strive to put ourselves into situations that we may not agree with, if only to learn.

  • Occasional indulgence is necessary for balance. How can you ever truly take a stance or opinion without having ever felt yourself in the other side of the equation?

  • Moderation provides the grace for you to become more solid in who you are and what you believe. Know yourself, trust yourself, and be open to learning more about yourself.

Phase C >

  • Moderation is not easy. Flying off into a black or white area feels safe and excess is widespread in humanity. Self-control needs to be strong before assuming this practice, but I know from personal experience, it is fully worth the work. 

  • Lastly, I leave you with this. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn to dabble a bit in all areas of life and see what develops, but remember, don’t overdo ANYTHING.

Outro >

  • Now let that digest a bit. 

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  • I want to thank you for listening! I’ll see you next time for another dish of Food For Your Mental.

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