Food For Your Mental Show Notes -- Self Care -- Ep:2020.04

FFYM Episode - Self Care - 2020.04

Intro >

  • Show - Welcome to Food For Your Mental -- the podcast that discusses anything and everything that feeds your mind. No topic is taboo and you will leave the podcast with some delicious brain food. 

  • I’m Sherry Richelle. I work as a voice talent at and I have a deep hunger for knowledge and learning.

  • Episode - This week, the topic is one of my all-time favorites...self care.

  • Interest - Self care is vital to living your best life. But what exactly is it?

  • Let’s have our first bite, eh?

Phase A > 

  • Self care. There’s no doubt you’ve heard this term. Most generally it is associated with bubble baths, chocolate cake, delicious wine, and a “treat yo self” tagline. And yes, these things can be considered self care. 

  • But I want to take you a little deeper. Let me share my story of how I learned exactly what self care is to me. My hope is that by listening to my story, you will see a path to create this necessary habit in your everyday life. 

Phase B > 

  • My self-care journey started with a bottle of Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray. As a stay-at-home mother of two, I often found myself feeling guilty when I made purchases for me. I would often avoid making purchases for myself so that I could buy something for my girls. If you are or know a mother, this story may sound very familiar to you.

  • What started as a small crawl out of the deep throes of depression, I began exercising. I knew that physical exercise would improve my body and give me more energy. Many say this is self care, and I fully agree. But what led me to the understanding of true self-care, was when I finally said, “I am purchasing a bottle of this spray that I have heard smells amazing, and will hydrate my skin”. The lesson didn’t sink in when I hit the buy button. In fact, I felt the guilt instead. 2 days later, I received this facial spray. The bottle was bigger than I imagined. I sat it on my bathroom counter. 

  • Later that evening, I took a bath, and washed my face. My daughters were asleep, and all was quiet. I felt peaceful. 

  • Stay tuned after this quick message for the rest of this story.

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Phase C >

  • I stood there in the bathroom after my relaxing bath, and I picked up the spray. The label felt smooth and high-end to me. My skin, being freshly washed, was starting to dry. I tilted my head back slightly and doused my entire face with the spray. For a moment I told myself not to spray too much, out of fear that I would run out of the spray too quickly. But that thought was erased by the amazing smell of Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray. 

  • It was in this exact moment that I realized what self-care means to me. It is not buying a ton of things you do not need. It is not gluttoning out on your favorite foods. It is not acting selfishly with disregard to those you care about. 

  • Self care is making YOU a priority. Self care is finding even just ONE thing, that maybe for only ONE moment in a day, gives you the feeling of pure, genuine love for yourself.

  • I began using that spray every single time I took a bath. And after each use, I walked out of that bathroom with a new, glorious feeling of LOVE for ME.

  • Self care is developing a solid routine of loving yourself. A walk you take in the evening, an attainable fitness goal, a choice to drink less during the week to feel better and really is that simple. 

  • Please, find YOUR Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray, and even if you can only use or do your thing once a week, do it. You deserve it.

Outro >

  • Now let that digest a bit. 

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  • I want to thank you for listening! I’ll see you next time for another dish of Food For Your Mental.

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