Food For Your Mental Show Notes -- Gratitude -- Ep: 2020.02

FFYM Episode - Gratitude

Intro >

  • Show - Welcome to Food For Your Mental -- the podcast that discusses anything and everything that feeds your mind. No topic is taboo and you will leave the podcast with some delicious brain food. 

  • I’m Sherry Richelle. I work as a voice talent at and I have a deep hunger for knowledge and learning.

  • Episode - This week’s episode is All. About. Gratitude.

  • Interest - This is important because practicing gratitude about current and past experiences creates inner peace and a foundation for unlimited growth.

  • Let’s have our first bite, eh?

Phase A > 

  • It’s not just for Thanksgiving, folks! Gratitude is a tool you can use to vastly improve focus, tune in to goals, and calibrate your relationships with lovers, family, and co-workers into peaceful connections.

  • Gratitude is simple: The focus is on wisdom! Don’t miss the lesson. Not every rough lesson needs to be turned into a knife you stick into yourself. Process, Heal, and Be Grateful for what you’ve learned.

  • You cannot reach this place if you are dwelling in the past, or freaking out about the future.

  • Areas of Gratitude:

    • How Far You’ve Come - Relationships with Loved Ones - Career

Phase B > 

  • As you practice gratitude you will find many more reasons to be grateful.

  • Effects of Gratitude 

    • There is a clear ease about you.

  • Stay tuned after this quick message for ways to implement more gratitude in your life.

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Phase C >

  • Ways to implement gratitude.

  • Every new day is an opportunity for an exciting new adventure! 

  • I am not controlled by my work. I choose to be here and I am grateful for the opportunity to make money in the best way possible at this time in my life.

  • I am grateful for that experience with my ex partner. Had I not experienced that, I would not realize and be grateful for what my next partner will provide in our connection.

  • Gratitude is not focusing on the burn, but appreciating for the wisdom you gained to not to touch the fire.

  • Let yourself experience that Thanksgiving feeling all year round! 

Outro >

  • Now let that digest a bit. 

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  • I want to thank you for listening! I’ll see you next time for another dish of Food For Your Mental.

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